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Babil Shopping Mall Diyarbakir


The Babil Shopping Mall

In my previous post on beautiful photos of Diyarbakir, I introduced my readers to a photographer whom I didn’t identify at the time of posting that article because he was just setting up his website on photography. Now I will reveal his name. His name is Serhat Oncu. However, he’s just starting his website so you will see more of his photographs at a later date, when he gets his site fully set up. However, he gave me some of his magnificent photos of Diyarbakir to share with my readers.

These photos are his images of the Babil Shopping Mall in Diyarbakir. So if


McDonald's in Diyarbakir

you are planning your vacation in Diyarbakir and want to know where to shop in Diyarbakir, the Babil Shopping Mall is a place where you can buy stuff in Diyarbakir. There’s even a McDonald’s in Diyarbakir! Can you believe it? McDonald’s has made it as far as south eastern Turkey! I am impressed!

I asked Serhat about how he takes his photos, but he won’t reveal any secrets to me. Nevertheless, his photos of Diyarbakir are stunning images of this city in south eastern Turkey.


Inside the Babil Mall

The Babil Shopping Mall is one place where you can shop in Diyarbakir, but if you are looking for more traditional market places in Diyarbakir to buy some souvenirs etc., you can visit the Hasan Pasa Hani is near the Ulu Cami Mosque, with its old traditional architecture.  The Hasan Pasa Hani has lots of little shops selling anything from carpets to souvenirs, ceramics, jewelery, silver ware, scarfs, textiles, and antiques.

shopping in Diyarbakir

The MegaCenter Mall

Another option for shopping in Diyarbakir is another modern shopping mall called the MegaCenter Shopping Mall.  I’ve put a photo of the MegaCenter Shopping Mall here taken by my friend Serhat.  Again, it’s an artistic impression of a shopping mall, but quite an excellent one at that.

Personally, when shopping in Diyarbakir, I’d rather shop at the little shops of the Hasan Pasa Hani because I like the originality of the products and souvenirs that you can buy here.  Besides, when you live in North America, you’ve got a never ending supply of shopping malls.  However, one cannot deny that a modern shopping mall can provide everything you need, all in one place in Diyarbakir.  Kind of simplifies things now doesn’t it?

To see a larger view of the photos, just click on the photos.  No photos of Diyarbakir here can be used or reproduced without the permission of the photographer.

shopping in diyarbakir

Lights in the Babil Shopping Mall

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